Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Stage One Complete

Well I managed to get Uig on Skye eventually, arrived at 0130hrs having spent way too long with my engine switched off on the motorway about 5 miles from home, waiting for the Forth Road Bridge to reopen after a hydraulic fluid spillage. Apparently they had to lay and take up cones, which takes an hour each way, and conduct skid tests before it could reopen. The latter just sounds like an excuse to have some fun to me!

I arrived in Uig to light skies and a cloud of midges. Quietly pitched my tent to save disturbing the other campers, and got a fitful night's sleep as I was still wired on Red Bull from the drive (other energy drinks are available).

Rose early this morning to get in the shower before the crowds, went for a stroll around Uig, which took 5 minutes, so did that a couple of times, and generally hung out until the ferry came.

We departed early and I tucked into a full breakfast whilst trying to hide at a corner table as I was concurrently pinching power for my phone which had died over night.

I was met off the ferry at Tarbert by Ian from who have kindly provided me with a cask to take to and hopefully up Rockall. It will be filled on my return, aged, then auctioned off in support of Help for Heroes.

Then I've really spent the day doing a few touristy things, killing time until departure, which will probably be Thursday now, and just driving about being amazed yet again at how stunning the Outer Hebrides are; everyone should come here at least once, and I know the weather's not often this great, but I know from experience that it's stunning in the rain too!

This evening I headed down to Leverburgh to meet up with a couple of the guys who are heading out to Rockall to report on the expedition for The Sun and Bob from I had a great cod and chips and a pint of something dark, and now am back at my tent in Lickisto to catch up on some sleep although its still broad day light at 2230hrs!

Nick Hancock FRGS
The Rockall Jubilee Expedition 2012

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